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Hi! My name is Mark and I am a small business owner. My business was doing great and I was looking forward to expanding it into other fields. To keep in pace with today`s world, I also wanted and rather needed to put my website on the internet. So, as per the advice of a computer-nerd friend of mine, I decided to go with the best web hosting company- VodaHost. It was a cheap web hosting company and I must admit that it was the primary thing which attracted me. I was a bit apprehensive in the beginning, as it was the first time I was putting my business online and wasn`t really sure of what to expect.

I’m happy to say that VodaHost turned out to be a dream come true for me. Working with it was a breeze. I never had to go through the different hassles which my other friends faced when they first put up their websites online- that too by using a cheap web hosting service.

My website was uploaded to state of the art Dell PowerEdge servers, within a matter of minutes. And within a short span of just about an hour or so, VodaHost`s ever-efficient customer service representatives informed me that my website was up and running. All this made me sure that I was under the care of the best web hosting company. Once, I had a small glitch on my website which was due to some coding errors on my part. The highly qualified customer service representatives came quickly to my rescue. They helped me straight away and my problem was solved. This really showed me how dedicated the support team is. It must be the best that I have ever experienced.

VodaHost, the best web hosting company offers all new age protocols and software services which are constantly updated for all their users. One has a range of options to choose from like PHP, MySQL, Perl, etc. It also offers support for unlimited databases. For people like me, who want to have an unlimited number of options for shopping carts on their websites- VodaHost is the way to go. This cheap web hosting also throws in an equal unlimited number of supports for merchant accounts to boot!

VodaHost, the best web hosting company also offers single-click integration for Joomla, soho launch, wordpress, CGI and much more. For those among you, who like to have the blogs and forums through which you can interact with the customers- VodaHost, the cheap web hosting service is the best way to go. VodaHost, the best web hosting service also offers seamless integration for live video streams, to make the experience of your customers’ richer and much more stimulating. With VodaHost, the cheap web hosting service, you are guaranteed a 99.99% uptime- which virtually means you will never have to face the dreaded downtime. I firmly and confidently suggest that everyone subscribe to VodaHost and use their services through their state of the art servers.