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Discover the Best Web Hosting Provider

I have been working in the same company for the past five years. My job is to maintain the website of our library. Through the library website, the students can know which books are available for them at any moment; and they each have their individual accounts loaded in the software. Hundreds of students log on to the website everyday, to find out which books they can search for and to register these in their accounts.

Everything was moving smoothly in the first few months of work. But suddenly, the students were troubled as the server was down. And for most of the time they could not even open their accounts on the website. It took ages to load a single page. I complained to our website hosting company. They told that the problem would be solved within two days, but it was in vain. This problem continued and I was under pressure because questions were being asked by my superiors. Then, a friend of mine, who is also a web designer and a regulator, suggested I use VodaHost and ensured me that it was the best web hosting company. I asked him if it had any technical faults, but he assured me that during his six years long usage of VodaHost, the best web hosting site, he had only come across two hiccups and both times, the problem was solved within 24 hours.

I searched for VodaHost on the internet, and visited their website. The offer seemed great, as VodaHost had a package including a number of additional features, which were not provided by my previous web hosting company. The price was cheap and I decided to use VodaHost, the cheap web hosting provider. The fact is that, with VodaHost, the cheap web hosting company, one doesn’t need to sign any contracts at all. This is awesome and this made me ten times more relaxed, since I also faced a contract problem with the last web hosting site. In addition to this, you can be assured that this cheap web hosting company has no hidden charges.

I transferred my website to VodaHost and it started running within a day. With the huge range of features of this cheap web hosting company like free templates, unlimited disk space and limitless transfer of data, I made the website more interactive. I uploaded pictures of new arrivals and books, to catch the attention of the viewers. This best web hosting company allows for 99.9% up-time, which is very useful for libraries such as ours.

Though VodaHost is a cheap web hosting site, the entire software is very reliable and ensures high security. VodaHost, the best web hosting site allows every domain name unlimited email accounts and provides each one with individual mailboxes and passwords. Thus, the mails will never bounce. Another good advantage of this best web hosting company is that the web designing software is free. BlueVoda is the outstanding website builder software. You can build up your website with a number of templates, logos, and formats present in the software. Your work is to just click, drag and drop and your website would be ready within an hour. And lastly, you can have it live on the internet within one day.

Thus VodaHost came to the rescue when I was faced with a severe crisis and, I’m happy to continue with the amazing services.