Endless Possibilities with VodaHost Web Hosting

With so many different types of web hosting services out there, I had a hard time choosing which hosting company to go to. Then one day, my friend told me to check VodaHost out, so I did, and I now know how lucky I was to have chosen this hosting service. At first glance, it is like any other cheap web hosting company. But after investigating all the claims with words like ‘unlimited’ and ‘free’, I couldn’t resist and gave it a try. Now after being a loyal customer for 3 years, I am glad to say I have not come across any problems so far and am fully satisfied with their services. Here’s why I place VodaHost as one of the best web hosting companies on my list.

First and foremost, the claim that they provide 99.9% up-time is true. Yes, I have been using it for 3 years and have not had any problems with their up-time. They do live up to their claims. That is not all, for only $7.95 per month, it’s no wonder it is known as a cheap web hosting service; and one of the cheapest out there. What’s more is that VodaHost really has unlimited disk space and data transfer. They do not write those claims on the website just for show. I have been uploading loads of data onto my website and still everything works like a charm. Unlike some web hosting services, VodaHost provides free domain name registration upon the purchase of an annual web hosting account. If you already have a domain name you can simply transfer it to VodaHost.

I wasn’t very Internet savvy and certainly had no knowledge on creating websites. Without prior experience, VodaHost has provided me with everything needed to create websites from scratch. There are free website templates and plug-ins from the famous BlueVoda website builder. This makes creating the layout and functions of the website much simpler. Wait there’s more, if you want to customize or edit some parts of the plug-ins or templates there are video tutorials that are so simple and easy to follow. My website was up and running in no time and it is all thanks to this hosting provider. Want to know more about the best web hosting service provided? Read on!

As my website is a shared venture, I need unlimited matching email accounts. With VodaHost everything is possible. You can add unlimited numbers of accounts too. Not only that, their support service is also known to be one the best. Before I registered for this service I submitted a support ticket to make sure the company offers multiple email accounts and has free domain name registrations. They are polite and friendly, and provided me with every detail I needed, everything explained in simple but great detail! How can you not say it is the best web hosting service ever? Oh did I forget to mention these support providers are all for free? Yes, the reputable VodaHost provides so much and is a cheap web hosting services compared to its competitors.

Seeing all this, it is safe to say that this cheap web hosting service is not only affordable, it also provides high class service to its customers. No wonder most of their reviews are positive. I am sure I would recommend VodaHost to anyone that is looking for a web hosting company.  I am also certain that VodaHost is indeed the best web hosting company.