Selecting the Best Web Host

Hello everyone, I am a new customer of VodaHost web hosting. I did not have much knowledge about web development and web hosting. That is why I have been misled several times by different web hosting service providers who claimed to be the best web hosting choice out there. I do not care to name the specific web hosting providers. After a lot of time consuming research I was advised by one of my friends to check out VodaHost web hosting. I eventually chose to take her word for it and try VodaHost web hosting.

My goodness did I find peace of mind here. The pricing plan that VodaHost web hosting provides is much more affordable and I think it is very cheap web hosting for extremely high standards of quality. The most attractive part of their monthly payment is that, for just 7.95 USD per month you can have your own free and unlimited space. There are some other advantages of this hosting provider that make this company the best web hosting. The yearly charge for international commercial domains including endings .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info is the same. The International commercial web hosting package registration fees per annum that VodaHost web hosting provides is only 19.95 US dollars. That is cheap web hosting my friends!

Since they provide cheap web hosting, they have got the chance to expand their business on a global level. Being a cheap web hosting service provider they now have several continental domains too. The .us for the United States, and for United Kingdom, .asia for Asia etc. are some of the renowned domains that have been offered for registration. The characteristics that the best web hosting service providers should have, are all included in the system. VodaHost also offers one free domain registration with the purchase of an annual web hosting account.

Another very important factor is that this hosting provider is as safe as they get. No sensitive information is given out to anyone. One more facility that VodaHost web hosting provides that has attracted me is their customer service and support system. As I said before I did not have much knowledge about web hosting and web development. I have always asked for their help online. They always provide me with all the answers that I have requested. VodaHost web hosting has won the best web hosting awards for several years and it is also a cheap we hosting choice. The most renowned reason for being awarded by the web hosting review providers is that they have satisfied all their customers including me and my friends. There is no doubt that it is a cheap web hosting service. I have one more factor to prove my statement. VodaHost web hosting offers Dedicated IP for only 30 US dollars per set up and 3 US dollars per month as a service charge.

So, from my view point I can say that VodaHost is the best web hosting service. Please take all I have said into consideration when selecting a web hosting provider, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.