Remarkable Prices with VodaHost

Hello! I have a small video store – selling and renting company. As is the whole world,  I also felt the need to go online. One of the prime reasons behind this move was that my competition was getting tougher and without a website of my own I was being left far behind. So I went about with my plan. The only problem was that although I was ok with computers I knew very little when it came to web hosting. So I decided to go on the lookout for a cheap web hosting company which would be suitable for my needs. While going through different reviews and a number of websites all about best web hosting services I stumbled upon VodaHost. I would have gone over with some others but the cheap web hosting price really caught my attention with 7.95 $ only a month! The price for a budget conscious person like me was simply awesome.

VodaHost offers unlimited downloads and upload limits and hence no matter how large your traffic is or becomes, you will surely be covered. It also provides a 99.99% up-time which means no more accessibility issues due to downtime. So one is assured that they won`t lose their valued customers and clients due to those dreadful down-times.

After I had uploaded my website files to their state of the art Dell PowerEdge servers, a task which seemed like a breeze to me. The customer support service provided by VodaHost, the best web hosting company confirmed my actions and I was up and loading in a matter of a few hours.

VodaHost offers great service for such a cheap web hosting price. The customer services of VodaHost, the best web hosting company are literally the best I have come across for any service ever. They are all highly qualified for the job. And nowhere during my interaction with VodaHost had it felt that they did not know what they were doing. I was impressed by VodaHost`s customer service speed and efficiency at everything. They made everything right within minutes.

VodaHost offers a range of productivity tools and service support. It offers support for PHP, MySQL, Perl, and CGI etc and allows support for unlimited database space. Joomla, soholaunch etc are also available should you feel the need for them. One of the things which really worked with me was that it supported unlimited shopping carts and merchant accounts. It really worked wonders with my video renting and selling business.

Such services for a cheap web hosting price came as a real surprise to me and I too started believing in their tagline the best web hosting company. Vodahost really worked wonders for me and what was back then a struggling business concern is today booming. I have also expanded to the gaming kiosks business. VodaHost truly is the best web hosting company which offers its services at remarkably cheap web hosting price.