Get Incredible Customer Service with VodaHost

I specialize in a merchandising business. I import apparel from countries and sell them to various local retail markets around the area. Therefore, it is always necessary that I keep in touch with my retailers and maintain contact with my clients. This is why having a website makes it so easy, not to mention necessary.

I am not very advanced with information technology these days. It has taken me 3 years to finally come to terms with the fact that I have to build a website to promote my business and keep it on track. Another hold back was the concern of how much it would cost to host a website in addition to maintaining and creating it.  I am the kind of person who will not settle for anything less than the best web hosting service but then again I also expect a cheap web hosting service to support my needs. As this seemed so unrealistic, a competitive scenario changed my way of thinking and I started to put all my effort into finding one of the best companies out there.

A friend of mine tried convincing me by saying, “I will get your website hosted by a cheap web hosting service; I know of a company called VodaHost, which also happens to be one of the best web hosting companies available”. Honestly, I thought there was no way this opportunity would last and I had the feeling that my friend was going to put me in a predicament which would waste my time and  hard earned money. In the mean time, my friend started to build a site for me as he had wanted to show me some results beforehand. The website builder was free to download. As soon as my friend showed me the results and explained that he was able to build the site beforehand and free of charge, I immediately knew that VodaHost, the best web hosting company, was for me.  I downloaded their free website builder, BlueVoda and began building a professional looking website in no time! I was impressed and agreed to sign up for a monthly hosting account, only for $7.95 per month.  I soon realized that this company offered the best web hosting service ever.

As I got to know more about VodaHost, I was amazed at how this cheap web hosting kept providing top quality service along with so many privileges!  VodaHost allows an unlimited number of websites hosted by a single account. Their cheap web hosting service even guarantees 99.9 percent uptime. VodaHost also includes unlimited MySQL databases, FTP accounts, and disk space, WordPress, and so much more.  The unlimited disk space really caught my eye since it is very important for me considering that I have large catalogues and immense databases.  VodaHost offers you 24/7 help as well. Yes, I did have some issues in the beginning since it was all new to me, but VodaHost’s customer support and video tutorials guided me any time I needed help.

I am now hosting 2 websites with VodaHost along with 2 WordPress blogs.  I have recently upgraded my web hosting contract with VodaHost to triennial web hosting at an even better price.  I honestly believe that VodaHost is a cheap web hosting service which proves to be the best web hosting anyone can find.