Highest Quality Web Hosting Service

A lover of photography, I wanted to display my photography skills so that I could start a living taking and selling photos. I never was computer savvy, so never did know how to create a website and upload it till I came across BlueVoda and VodaHost.

BlueVoda is a free website builder that helps even people like me without any computer or HTML knowledge create websites just by dragging the different elements of a website and dropping them onto the page. Though this is free, it comes with a ‘hitch’ where you have to use only its cheap web hosting service VodaHost to upload your website, and no other cheap web hosting options.

Well, as I turns out, it is not a hitch but an advantage. BlueVoda comes with the best web hosting services available, VodaHost. I could not only easily create a website, but also have it uploaded within 24 hours of its creation.

The reason why I consider VodaHost to be the best web hosting service available is because it offers a 99.99% up-time that guarantees my website is functioning without interruption. This ensures that potential customers get to see my photos whenever they want.

In addition to this, the service is not cheap in quality when it comes to their features. VodaHost offers unlimited disk space and data transfer, which lets me put up as many photos as possible on the website, without hampering the functioning of the website.

I also have to mention that along with unlimited disk space, you are also offered an unlimited number of domain names per single Web-Hosting account.

Cheap web hosting provider VodaHost also registered the domain name I chose for my photography website free of cost for us, which helped me save some money while uploading my website using the best web hosting provider available. This was possible because with every Annual Web Hosting account you purchase you are entitled to one free domain transfer or one free domain registration for a whole year.

The tutorials and instructions that come with this best web hosting service are so clear that I had no difficulty uploading my website on the World Wide Web. Of course, I did have my share of doubts and confusion while uploading my website, which were however all cleared by the magnificent 24/7 customer support that comes with this cheap web hosting service. The staff is so friendly and yet professional at the same time, I ended up just sailing through.

I even found that there are various forums I could approach to clear any doubts and apprehensions I had about my site. These forums consisted largely of other BlueVoda users and VodaHost customers who wanted to share their experiences and expertise with novices after using VodaHost and BlueVoda to create and upload websites.

Cost-wise, VodaHost is indeed a cheap web hosting solution as it only charges $7.95 per month. This was a comparatively cheap amount for the amazing quality services, especially as I managed to generate and receive much more business and demands for my photographs through the website. I created and uploaded using BlueVoda and the best web hosting provider, VodaHost and have been recommending this hosting provider to everyone since then.