Fantastic Hosting Service at a Low Cost

I am Emily Johnson and I am the owner of a tech forum. People usually assume that running forums is a very simple task- as these operate on texts; in reality, managing a forum and dealing with its related issues is a tough as well as, time consuming task. Active and good moderators are the prerequisites of a forum and it also needs a reliable web hosting company.

A web hosting company is the backbone of this business and there is no other alternative to this. In the beginning, I paid more attention to the site content and moderators; I chose the first cheap web hosting service I came across. However, I later paid for this grave mistake when I received customer complaints. I had taken the matter of a web hosting company lightly, but when I received complaints from customers and did not get help or support from the company, I simply switched to VodaHost.

I selected VodaHost after discussing it with some of my friends- it was known to them as the best web hosting service. I was hoping it would be at least better than the other cheap web hosting service I had tried. After going through the customer ratings and comments I was reassured that it was the right choice. It turns out I was pleasantly surprised when I started using VodaHost. It provided me with so many features, which made me feel as if it was especially designed for my website. It was indeed the best web hosting service.

First of all, VodaHost actually is a cheap web hosting service as it only charges me $7.95 a month and there are no other set up fees. In addition, there are no complaints from my customers as I am being provided with 99.9% up-time and there are no major problems. In the case of minor problems, I can use the flash tutorials which could help me out or, I could contact the customer support staffs of VodaHost who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The VodaHost features comprise of unlimited SQL database, PHP support, predefined PhpBB, etc. It also has an option of support forum and blog facility, which are perfect for my website and hence it is the best web hosting service available.

There are a lot of other features in the control panel of VodaHost and it is all so simple and self-explanatory. I can also host multiple websites with only one account. I could make unlimited data transfers without having to worry about any disk space, as it was also unrestricted. Countless matching email accounts can also be used through this cheap web hosting service. VodaHost also provides you with a free website builder known as BlueVoda, with which you can make truly professional websites. VodaHost also offers unlimited FTP accounts, free registration and transfers of domain names with every annual Web-Hosting account. This best web hosting service also provides one with unlimited add-on domains and sub-domains.

Despite being a cheap web hosting service, VodaHost has the features and options which could only be expected from the best web hosting service. Most importantly, it also turned out to be trustworthy and reliable which is exactly what I was looking for.