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My name is Mary Simpson and now I am a successful, popular designer all because of VodaHost. Before achieving this success, I was taking fashion designing classes and I was very talented, too. I aced all my exams and tests and I was ready to start designing clothes for people. But to my immense surprise, I was unable to get a job despite the fact that I had very good skills. I was down and disappointed and working as a receptionist when one of my net-savvy friends suggested that I make a website of my own. It was a ray of hope for me. However, website designing was not a simple task as I needed a website builder and also a cheap web hosting service.

My friend recommended VodaHost as she said it was the best web hosting service available. Moreover, VodaHost provided it’s customers with a free and easy to use website builder, which made things simpler and easier. I had nothing to lose so I decided to try VodaHost out as it wasn’t overly costly which was expected since they claim to be a cheap web hosting company. I wasn’t expecting much at only $7.95 a month and so, I was stunned when I came across the features it offered- at such a low cost. With the free website builder provided, I designed my own website and in no time, I was ready to host it.

There were countless features provided by this best web hosting service. It offers unlimited add-on domains per account. With the purchase of one Annual Web-Hosting account, you get a free domain name transfer or domain registration. As long as the domain was available, VodaHost would register it on my behalf. It is a remarkably cheap web hosting service, as it offers unlimited disk space and unlimited data transfers which have made things very simple for its customers. VodaHost also provides its customers with 24/7 technical and customer support; which ensures the smooth running of your website.

The staff is friendly and helpful and all of your problems are addressed immediately, to give you the maximum up-time. And this is not the case with any other cheap web hosting service. VodaHost also provides support for free affiliate software which is another advantage- as people can run their websites in a better manner and with advanced software. People can also make use of the unlimited, matching email accounts which are offered by this best web hosting service. Because of VodaHost, I was able to establish my business online and could get more and more customers due to the high up-time and thus exposure.

Furthermore, VodaHost also offers blogs and forum features, which also enable people to attract customers from all over the world. Being the best web hosting service, the website boasts of tutorials which can guide people in setting up and operating their websites, in no time at all. As it is also a cheap web hosting service, people can try it without making any major investments. VodaHost is the best web hosting service which allowed me to set up my business properly and has helped me to earn huge profits.