VodaHost web hosting is one of the better companies I have worked with

VodaHost web hosting is one of the better web hosting companies I’ve worked with. They’ve really got their act together, and have made a name for themselves based on their quality service and affordable packages. VodaHost web hosting doesn’t skimp on customer service either; all reps and technicians I’ve spoken with have known what they were talking about and kept a friendly tone to the conversation. VodaHost also offers some pretty cool features as a part of their web hosting packages like the cPanel user control center.
You really can’t go wrong with VodaHost web hosting. They’re a one stop shop for getting yourself published to the web, and they make it so easy anyone could do it. VodaHost web hosting company also produces the BlueVoda website builder software which is really easy to use and can have you live on the web in thirty minutes or less for a first time user. VodaHost web hosting has server uptime that is standard for the industry; they’re not perfect, but you’d never know it unless you were online 24/7. I’ve only had my site offline for maybe a few hours a year, and I’m not complaining.
My favorite thing about working with VodaHost web hosting is their tech support. I’ve hosted my site with a few other web hosting companies that obviously didn’t take any pride in themselves, and this attitude was reflected in the quality of their support team. VodaHost web hosting seems to only employ the most friendly, confident, and competent staff. I’m also a fan of the cPanel control center that they include in their web hosting packages. You can install a number of popular scripting solutions such as WordPress or Joomla to take your site to the next level, or just use it as a home base for managing your e-mail addresses and forwarding accounts.
Buying a new domain or moving an existing domain to VodaHost web hosting is just about as hassle-free as any other service they offer; someone out there is bound to have a complication one day as the folks at VodaHost web hosting company are only human. If something were to happen though, customer service and tech support would do whatever they could to make it right. I only know that I haven’t had any issues with them or their services so far.
VodaHost web hosting company is made up of industry professionals and motivated staffers. They’re the only web host I know of that offers a free website building software application whether you host with them or not. BlueVoda has a support forum powered by the users, for the users. There is e-mail support, tutorials and support forums available for the program and it’s all free. Seriously now, who wouldn’t love that?
VodaHost web hosting company seems to be one of the better web hosting solutions on the market. They offer quality service for a reasonable price, and know how to make their customers feel well taken care of. I’m pleased with the service I’ve received and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a web hosting company. If you’re thinking about switching web hosting companies, or buying your first domain and hosting package you should consider VodaHost!

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