VodaHost web hosting company is a blessing

I sell kayaks and love the outdoors.  Originally, I used blogs to sell my kayaks.  Then I graduated to a website and used free web hosting.  The problem with free web hosting is you don’t get much customer service if any and you are typically limited on space and traffic.  My site and sales has simply out grown the free web hosting.  A friend of mine told me about a web hosting company by the name of VodaHost so I checked them out and transferred my site to their servers.
I expected the transfer from one web hosting company to another to take some time to complete so I sent an email out to all of my clients to let them know that the site would be down for a bit and would send out an email to all of them once it was back up and running.  That was a waste of time, because the transfer to VodaHost web hosting  took almost no time at all.  They made web hosting look easy and kept me in the loop all the way.  In fact, it took me more time to compose the email notifications than it did for the transfer to take place.
Once transferred, it felt like a straight jacket was taken off me and my site.  I actually had room to breathe with all of the unlimited features that VodaHost offers.  Before, my site was cramped to stay within the provided space on the free web hosting company, but with VodaHost I was able to spread the information out and make it much more readable and user friendly.  Unlimited space from VodaHost web hosting company is a true blessing.
Another amazing plus was the speed and reliability of the servers.  Every page on my site downloaded instantly when I viewed it.  With the free web hosting site, I had several occasions of downtime where my website was unreachable.  VodaHost has top of the line that servers for a very reasonable rate and my websites uptime is constant.  If I had known that it was so cheap, I would have made the move to the VodaHost web hosting company long ago.
Every web hosting company will promote their outstanding customer/technical support.  It has become like trash emails when I see the promotion.  I may not have much to compare it to in the online world, but I have dealt with many so called customer service reps in the kayaking business.  If my kayak reps were as helpful as VodaHost my life would be almost stress free.  This web hosting company actually has what it promotes in the way of customer/tech support.  VodaHost is on the ball and will help you with any questions/problems that arise.
The last thing I would like to mention about VodaHost web hosting is the incredible amount of flexibility it has given me to promote my business.  I have unlimited emails, server space, file transfers, bandwidth, domains, sub-domains, etc….  I know it is only a web hosting company, but when you make your living on the internet, a good web hosting company that really has your back is important.  VodaHost web hosting gives me the feeling of security and strength.  I don’t have to worry if my site is down for some reason because I know that VodaHost web hosting will take care of any problems.  For a small business owner, that is a little slice of heaven.
If you are ready for the big leagues without the big league prices, I would like to recommend that you take into consideration VodaHost web hosting to take care of your hosting needs.  This web hosting company receives a “10” in my book.

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