Only good experiences with VodaHost web hosting company

VodaHost has been a good web hosting experience for me at least, after my tiring trial of several other hosting providers. It is refreshing to find a decent web hosting provider that too at rock-bottom prices that you will not get from anywhere else. My annual hosting package costs me only less than eight dollars a month. I believe that is unbeatable deal when you compare with other providers that charge you ten dollars a month for business web hosting. With VodaHost, there is no limitation on the number of domains or the amount of disk space you use. If you use other hosting companies they will put a cap on the amount of disk space, the number of domains and you will get only a fixed quota for monthly bandwidth usage. VodaHost also gives me unlimited MySQL databases and I can create as many databases as I want and all those databases can use unlimited disk storage. Compare that with providers like 1&1 who put a 100 MB cap per database and not more than 50 databases. I believe VodaHost has got the real deal when it comes to business-class web hosting that is rock strong and solid. They have years of experience in the hosting market and I found their tech support is always friendly and helpful and professional. They are prompt to answer your support queries in any way they can because they want to keep your business.

You can get some offshore hosting at prices sometimes cheaper than VodaHost, but beware that those providers are more like fly-by-night operations that are only after your money and they will take ages to answer your queries or they won’t answer them at all. Believe me I have learned this the hard way so now I prefer to host my websites within the geo area of USA. VodaHost’s servers are in USA and they are connected with high-speed Internet backbones. Also, you will find that VodaHost-hosted site up time is really 99.99% just as they promise. Also with my other hosting companies I have come across issues when you are using FTP programs to transfer your web pages to them. Heavily loaded servers disconnect you periodically say once every 2 minutes and that is very annoying. With VodaHost, even though they currently host many thousands of domains, I still find that my FTP connections do not get dropped by the server. I can work on my files peacefully and upload them taking my own time and I don’t experience any disconnections.

When it comes to email accounts, you get unlimited email accounts with unlimited disk space all with antivirus and spam protection, and that too in a shared hosting package! Unbelievable but true. Other providers limit you to a fixed number of email accounts and put a cap on email space such as 5 MB or 10 MB. With VodaHost you get unlimited email space usage.

In my case I am planning to stay with VodaHost for a long time. I get good value for my money and I am very satisfied user of VodaHost. I highly recommend that you consider VodaHost for your hosting needs.

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