Switch to VodaHost for your web hosting needs

The web hosting market is awash with choice and this can be a source of confusion to both the novice and the initiated alike. This is because most of the available on-line directories are but advertisements fronts for the web hosting companies and are therefore of little value to the web hosting consumer. It is hardly possible to find unbiased information. The nature of my business calls for a dependable, consistent and responsive web hosting company. I  have had to try several companies in the last few years and I daresay that I was becoming very skeptical of finding the right company at a price I could afford.  That was before I made a decision to try VodaHost. I have used VodaHost for slightly over a year now and I feel it would be mean of me not to tell other web hosting consumers of the pleasant experience I am having.
It is very important for my business that my sites be up around the clock all year round. The Dell PowerEdge servers at VodaHost whether dedicated or otherwise have very impressive speed and the uptime has been above 99% for the year I have been with them. Besides, the technical support at VodaHost is second to none. This makes VodaHost the most reliable web hosting provider I have met to date.
I had learned not to expect quick and helpful answers to my queries from web hosting companies since most promised heaven but delivered below expectation. That belief has since dissipated because the customer service team at VodaHost is professional, responsive and  knowledgeable. Response to e-mails takes less than 15 minutes in most times and the tech support has consistently demonstrated a genuine willingness and ability to meet my needs accurately and with sufficient details. At first I kept thinking to myself that it was just too good to last but a year and few months down the line, the service is as good as ever if not better.
Before switching to VodaHost, I had been discouraged by the many extra costs I had to pay that were not known to me from onset. My previous web hosting company had stated that several features were available to clients while deliberately leaving the cost out of the offer. I was thus misled to think that those features were free only to receive unexpected invoices that increased my web hosting bills by over 50%. At VodaHost everything is laid bare and a number of impressive features do come without any additional cost. As a site administrator, I do find the cPanel to be very useful since it has several tools and features such as PHP, PHPMyAdmin and MySQL. It also allows me to have a glimpse at the traffic statistics within a few minutes. For only $7.50 a month, VodaHost offers free domain name registration & transfers, unlimited matching email accounts, unlimited domain names and websites per account. Those with little programming and web building skills will be enabled to build an impressive website by using the BlueVoda website builder.
I would like to extend my gratitude to the staff at VodaHost. It has been a pleasure working with you. It is a factor to your favor that none of the people I have recommended you to have ever complained to me. On the contrary, most of them have told me how happy they are. I will therefore recommend you to all who are willing to listen. Keep up the good work!

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