VodaHost Provides the Answers to My Worries

When I started out as a health and fitness training instructor, I never thought that I would move on to having my own website. Selling books of the healthy recipes that I concoct for myself or selling videos of the routines that I made for my clients were never in my plans. I was just content being an instructor and cooking at home for myself and my family. But my plan for myself veered to another direction when a client told me that I should create my own website where I can peddle the things that I have been supplying people for years. After that, the rest was history.

However, when I finally had my own website that was hosted by a web hosting company I picked out during my research on the Internet, I was flabbergasted. I never thought that maintaining a website, even one that was already hosted by web hosting company was so much work. Well, maybe that was also because I picked out a very unreliable web hosting company that did not provide me what I wanted for my business. The speed that they provided was almost like a snail’s pace, and their tech support people were like zombies who barely said more than three words to me each time I call them. I was so exasperated with the web hosting service of this company that I had to stop working with them. As I encountered almost the same problems with the second and then the third web hosting company that I worked with, I thought that there was no end to my web hosting worries. But that was before I found VodaHost.

If there is a Golden Globe for web hosting companies, then Vodahost would win it hands down every year. The features that come with VodaHost’s veritable package of numerous benefits is so first rate, I thought I’d die and gone to web hosting heaven when I found this web hosting company. Vodahost is able to host unlimited websites for every account, which is very beneficial for me because I was planning to put my fitness video business and my healthy recipes in separate websites. Aside from this, Vodahost also offers unlimited bandwidth and disk space and there is no limit as to the domain names that you can have as well. Unlimited sub-domains and FTP account is also part of the package that you can avail from VodaHost. The average uptime of 99.9 percent that Vodahost can guarantee you is also a great feature that sent me grinning like a Cheshire cat. The great thing about this is that I am able to avail of all of these great features and more for only $7.95 every month.

I have kissed all of my web hosting worries goodbye with VodaHost. Because VodaHost has an excellent tech support working hands-on 24/7 all year round, I am very much assured that my businesses will run great this time. I will no longer have to worry about leaving my online business to run by itself for a while so I can take a vacation with my family because I have Vodahost doing the web hosting for me. With VodaHost’s services, I just know that my source of income is in reliable hands.

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