VodaHost Helped Me Manage My Time

Since I started getting my own website for the stories and poems that I write, I have not had a moment’s peace. This is not because I was besieged with fan mail but because I did not have time for anything else anymore. Between writing and doing my own web hosting, I barely had time to enjoy some shopping or read a new book or walk my dog. I did not know what to do. I realized that if I want to be even a minor success in my line of writing, I also have to keep a website that will have visitors coming back to read the stories and poems that I’ve posted and later on buy the ones that I will have published.

Because of my inability to have time for myself, I turned to web hosting companies to help me. But all to no avail! I was unable to find the right web hosting company that I can work with. So instead of being able to manage my time well with a web hosting company, I ended up being more busy dealing with them than on my writing. They were so unreliable and their web hosting standards were so low that I had readers complain to me about the quirks and foibles that they encountered when they visited my site. Imagine the problems that I had with one web hosting company after another.

It was a good thing that a friend told me about VodaHost, which is also the web hosting company that she is using. She said that aside from being a web hosting company that is very much reliable, VodaHost also offers a package that only cost $7.95 per month. Boy, was this music to my ears! When I looked into what VodaHost can offer me, I found that they have the all the capabilities and basic tools for web hosting that I was looking for. Vodahost has an automated system for uploading, a website builder, an FTP client, as well as a free domain as part of their package bundle. What VodaHost is offering me gives me great value for my money that I was never able to get from the other web hosting companies that I had before. VodaHost even provides great customer support that had very professional yet friendly people attending to me and talking to me with so much sense and knowledge that I could definitely understood everything that they said.

I took on VodaHost immediately after I read what they had to offer. Now, I have a new high-quality design for my site that I got through the BlueVoda tool offered by VodaHost for free. I also got the speed through their unlimited bandwidth that I needed so that my readers won’t experience a glitch in accessing my pages that are filled with highly colored graphics. I have been keeping an eye on the progress of my site with the web hosting services that VodaHost is providing, and so far, everything is in place and running smoothly. With Vodahost, my days of numbing panic when it comes to dealing with web hosting problems are over. With Vodahost, I am finally able to manage my time. I am able to write more now and have some time left to pamper myself and go to the spa.

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