VodaHost: The Angel of My Online Business

When I entered to the business of selling health products online, I was not that aware of the problems that I might face on having my own website. I just went straight ahead and hired a web hosting company that a friend recommended and had them do the work of establishing my website for me. Unluckily for me, the web hosting company I got was not only expensive, they were also very problematic when it comes to keeping my website updated. The bandwidth that this web hosting company also provided always experienced hitches that made my website sluggish at best. The result: I lost a great deal of money through what I paid them and through the potential customers that I lost. The visitors to my site never came back because they had to wait for an interminable amount of time before they can even get to see my product descriptions.

As soon as I realized that I made a big faux pas in my choice of web hosting company, I decided to jump ship right there and then. I researched on the Internet and stumbled upon VodaHost by mistake. But what a wonderful mistake that was! Finding VodaHost was actually just me accidentally clicking on the web hosting company’s URL instead of another one that I thought looked good at that time. However, when I read the features offered by VodaHost, I was hooked. I found that with their package I can get unlimited bandwidth, disk space and websites, plus they guarantee 99.9 percent of uptime all the time. VodaHost also offers the BlueVoda website builder that helps you design your website with ease. If these were not great enough, VodaHost offered all these and more at only $7.95 per month. If that is not affordable enough for other people, this was very much reasonable for me considering all that I am getting from them.

When I started with VodaHost, not only were they able to answer all my questions about web hosting, they did this with simple language that I was able to understand. Because of this, I was able to have my new website up and running in no time. Because I already have VodaHost doing my web hosting for me, I am able to fall asleep at night knowing that my online business is being taken care of by a highly reliable web hosting company. Finally, my worry days are over just because I accidentally stumbled onto VodaHost when I was looking for trustworthy web hosting companies. I can never thank the Fates enough for letting me make that mistake that made a great impact in my life and in my business. Now, I am experiencing financial stability with my online business and all because of the web hosting expertise of VodaHost. I am able to prop up my legs and enjoy my little bit of success because of my having found VodaHost, my very own angel for my business.

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