I Have Found the Answer to all of My Web Hosting Problems

I have run a successful business for 25 years. Like most ‘old timers’ I consider myself slightly computer illiterate. I wasn’t even online until about 3 years ago. I jumped into the internet hoping to build a website and jumpstart my business. But, I was disappointed with web hosting companies again and again.

I started with the free services, bouncing from one web hosting company to another. I had begun to think that a website might have been a bad idea for my company. I was quickly learning that in web hosting, as with all goods and services, you definitely get what you pay for. Then, a couple of months ago, I discovered VodaHost web hosting company. Now, I have a website that I can be proud of, and that even I can easily use.

VodaHost has reliability that I could never find with other web hosting companies. They have customer service that is second to none. When VodaHost says that they will treat you like family, they mean it. Their customer and tech support staff is there in a flash. They are reliable and friendly and more than helpful. Those guys and gals helped me go from a man who was totally lost to one who has built a site that has drawn in thousands of dollars in new revenue.

Most web hosting companies simply do not have the drive, professional attitude, or services that VodaHost possesses. The simplicity of their system totally changed my view of web hosting companies in general.

Another problem that I had always had with web hosting companies was downtime. You know what I mean. You try to log on to your site and get a message like, “We’re sorry, our servers are down at this time. Please try your request again later.” Well, with VodaHost I have not had that happen even once. As a matter of fact, they guarantee 99 percent uptime with their service. That means that I never miss a deadline. And that is good for business.

One final problem I never have to worry about since signing up with VodaHost web hosting company is information. Aside from the live support available, VodaHost offers a huge database of how-to information to their clients. From instructional videos to their VodaHost Knowledge pages to their user forum, I can always find the info that I need. Even if it’s 3am here, but 2pm overseas where one of my clients is located I can always modify my site when I need to.

So, if you need to find an answer to your web hosting problems you should check out VodaHost web hosting company. VodaHost is the company that has taken web hosting to a whole new level. With reliable, professional service, easy to use features, and a great price they can give you the answers, just like they did for me.

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