VodaHost has everything you’ll ever need

I’ve been with VodaHost for quite some time now. Over three years ago, I founded a non-profit organization that helped to match volunteers with jobs that would suit them.  At first, it was all about word of mouth, but as more and more people signed up, I realized the need to look into getting online help from a web hosting company.  This was an intimidating job for me as I know little to nothing about web hosting companies.  One of the things that worried me was cost.  Working on a non-profit budget, I have to be very frugal in all areas and I simply was not certain if I could afford the help of a web hosting company.

When I found the VodaHost web hosting company and began to research the features, prices, uptime, and customer service, I felt pretty confident that VodaHost would easily fit into my limited budget!  As this was my first venture into the online world and with a web hosting company, I was grateful for the VodaHost customer service that came with their web hosting.  It was nice to have a helping hand that I could correspond with now and again so I could help others through the volunteer organization.

The free clip art, accessories and free government banners provided by VodaHost web hosting were a really valuable resource to me.  I don’t need a lot of extra frills to be able to match up volunteers to jobs that will suit them in their communities, but it is nice that VodaHost web hosting provide a wide range of art to choose from.

If I had known three years ago that dealing with a web hosting company would be this easy and this affordable, I would have signed up with VodaHost then. My volunteers have also raved that they love my site and that it makes it a lot easier for them to recommend friends to find new ways to volunteer.  I recommend VodaHost web hosting for expanding the amount of volunteers who have signed up in the past six months! Cheers, VodaHost!