Thumbs up for VodaHost!!!

I first put my business on the net five years and often wondered if I was expecting too much from web hosting companies. All of them seemed eager to take your money and get you signed up but after that they seemed to disappear into mid-air. I constantly changed my web hosting account every year in the hope that it was going to get better and it was not till I reached VodaHost that I finally found a reliable web hosting company that I am considering staying with.

I know a lot of my friends think I am very demanding when it comes to web hosting however my livelihood depends on it. I have three e-commerce sites on one web hosting account with Vodahost. Those three websites  need to have an uptime of at least 99% and Vodahost fulfills my expectations of web hosting in every way. I can  even add more websites to my current Vodahost account with no  extra charge.

The customer support department of Vodahost has always returned my tickets about my web hosting account  within 24 hours and if I feel like educating myself then I just head to the Vodahost  online knowledge database which explains everything about web hosting in an ABC fashion.  I don’t really understand the difference between CGI, and PHP so  I loathe web hosting companies that have to talk in internet jargon all the time as they know most of  their customers are just the average man on the street trying to make a living. Vodahost has obviously realized this and have taken the time out to adjust their marketing plan to it. This is why they appeal to me.

If Vodahost carry on with the current service that they are giving then I will definitely be keeping my web hosting account with them. I have tried a few companies and so far Vodahost has been the most professional. Thumbs up for Vodahost.