VodaHost has an incredible feature set!!

Now in my retirement years I managed to get online with VodaHost because I’ve purchased several blocks of duplexes and apartment units. I did this a while ago. I figured this’d make a good investment and would keep me busy in these golden years. I ran into a problem advertising my units (it was really expensive) and lost hope a little. Later I started searching online for a web hosting provider who could walk me through the steps necessary to make my new venture a success i.e. putting up a website with information, pictures and prices. I was thrilled to find that it really was not as difficult as I had feared. My son told that he was with VodaHost and I signed up as well because there were way too many web hosting companies online to decide between them. He helped me make a simple website and he and the web hosting company explained everything to me and showed me how to get it all up-and-running… There are some very useful tutorial videos on the VodaHost site which helped too.

With so many units and so many variables in each of them, I am grateful for the VodaHost unlimited disk space which helped in putting up pictures and videos and the efficient web hosting customer service provided by VodaHost.  For just a few dollars, I found that web hosting with VodaHost let me to do some email marketing and this has helped me find a few more tenants. For as little as the cost is, the web hosting provider certainly was a worthy investment. Now, with web hosting from VodaHost, I am able to display my units in a way that is organized and explanatory fashion.

The importance of the layout was absolutely imperative with so many units to advertise. I was able to seek the help I needed through the friendly customer service professionals provided by the web hosting company.  At night, I glanced over the tutorials and found I could do this very easily and market my rentals in a way that was swift and problem-free.  I cannot say enough about VodaHost web hosting provider for the set of features they provide and for the wonderful layout that I was able to accomplish with my rental photos.

I also found it very easy, thanks to VodaHost web hosting, to have available reference forms and sign-up forms for would-be renters.  I am looking forward to a lasting web hosting relationship with VodaHost just as I am looking forward to having a lasting relationship with my renters. It has not been very long since I signed up with my web hosting provider and my rentals have already doubled in occupancy!