Business people with multiple sites use VodaHost web hosting

VodaHost is exactly the kind of web hosting company that you can trust if you are maintaining several websites for your business. This is because they offer web hosting services for an unlimited number of websites under just one account. This is what Vodahost has offered me for my online businesses. I have four websites being managed by VodaHost and so far they have been giving me nothing but good responses from my clients.

Trusting on VodaHost’s reliable name when it comes to web hosting is one of the best things that I have ever done in my business career. On top of their topnotch web hosting of all the sites that I am maintaining for all of my online businesses, Vodahost also offers unlimited disk space for them. This web hosting service allows me to store a great number of color-sharp photos of the products that I offer. Because I have websites for each of my clothing line, beauty products, healthcare products, and shoes and bags line, you can just imagine what this huge disk space offering is doing for me and my need to post as many photos of my products as I want. The super fast speed of VodaHost’s network as well as their 99.9 percent of uptime every time has also brought a great deal of good to my sites. This web hosting service allows my sites’ visitors as well as my clients to view my pages and choose what they want in lesser time. Because of this kind of service, I have a lot of clients coming back to avail of my products and new ones who intend to stay.

For me, there is also no other web hosting company that can offer me the same professional yet friendly tech support that VodaHost has. Since I started working with this web hosting company, there was never a time when I was unable to count on their service. Even during those sleepless nights when I keep track of my sites at dawn, I can always count on the 24/7 customer service of VodaHost. The great thing about the people manning the tech support group of VodaHost is that they are able to answer all your questions in a straightforward manner and in a language that you can understand. You won’t have problems about not understanding techie language with VodaHost’s customer support because they make sure to use simple terms in their answers.

There is another part of the VodaHost package that has worked wonders for me and that is their BlueVoda website builder.  I used this software for setting up the websites of my clothing line as well as my shoes and bags line, which were the last two businesses that I opened up. The time by which I finished building up my websites with BlueVoda amazed me. This is because I did not even have to spend a whole day in setting up the two with this web hosting service. All the time it took was just two hours and I already had beautiful websites complete not only with the design and content that I wanted but with shopping carts as well.

VodaHost is the web hosting company that has worked wonders for me and my online businesses. All of their great services are made even more wonderful because of their price of only $7.95 per month if you will avail of their annual billing.

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