The Best Way to Expand Your Business

I run a small business. My name is John. My friends say that I am a successful business man as I have the acumen to run a business. Little do they know that it was hard work getting here. I own a small gym. As we all know, there are hundreds of gyms everywhere, thanks to the growing popularity and awareness of health. I invested my savings of around 20000$ to open a small gym. I had bought the best machines. I had also done the interiors properly to attract young people. I had also appointed a beautiful receptionist to interact with prospective customers. In a month or two, I had built a clientele of around 50 people. But that was not enough. I needed more clients to breakeven.

I started with local marketing. I promoted my business through fliers and posters. But very few people came to us through these. While reading an article in a magazine one day, I bumped into the topic of Internet marketing. I read that a website can open doors for a startup, and thus help build a large clientele. I did not waste time after that. I decided to build a website. However, to make a website, I had to find a cheap web hosting provider. I did not just want cheap web hosting, but the best web hosting.

I read a review on VodaHost, which claimed to be not only a cheap web hosting, but arguably the best web hosting service provider available.I did not just want to believe what I was told about VodaHost being a cheap web hosting service; I wanted to know more about it. Otherwise, how could I trust that it is the best web hosting? After reading reviews of VodaHost, I finally decided to go with it. A free website builder came with the service called BlueVoda. Using the BlueVoda website builder, I was able to design and develop my first website. Once the website was ready, I looked into the features of VodaHost. When I compared these features of VodaHost with other companies, I was startled. Most of VodaHost competitors were not offering some basic and important services for free. For example, VodaHost offered me Unlimited Disk Space. VodaHost used only the best servers for hosting this disk space- Dell PowerEdge Servers. With VodaHost, I got reliability, and peace of mind. It also gave me the option between two services free of cost- Registration or transfer of a domain name.

This was surely the best web hosting I had come across.  VodaHost also gave me the freedom to access and create unlimited email accounts. The features of this hosting company really won me over. It is not difficult to find a cheap web hosting. But it is really difficult to find a company that offers advanced features at a low cost. Luckily, I did not have to waste my time and money in searching to find the best web hosting provider, I found it.