Start Your Dream Job with VodaHost

For almost 5 years, I worked for a company that sells car equipment. I got tired of that job and decided that it was the right time to start my own business. As a young and perspective person I thought that I could make it no matter what. I didn’t have a big budget, but I just wanted to follow my dream, which in my opinion is the most important thing to do. I decided to register my domain name and to start running my own internet online shop. But I had no clue about anything. I did not want to hire a web designer, and did not have the money for that anyway. So I was doing research online to find a cheap web hosting service, when I came across VodaHost. There are many reasons why I think it is the best web hosting provider.  First of all, I was really satisfied with the price they offer. A low price is very convenient for people who have just started their own business. But there can always be a catch when you are paying such a low price – you can never be too sure if it is going to be the type of service you are looking for or not. But I really think that you get the best web hosting with VodaHost.

I paid my monthly fee and started using BlueVoda website builder. It was not so hard to figure out how things work and I must say their customer service is top notch. I really think that VodaHost proves that they are the best web hosting service. I mean, just take a look at VodaHost ’s awards online! That is truly amazing.

Since my online shop is a place where people can purchase products, it was very important that VodaHost provided me with multiple shopping carts and merchant accounts. An impressive fact is that the company’s customer service helped me with Joomla and WordPress; things I was not familiar with. I got the recommendations for the best website design from them, and I must say that I am satisfied. When it comes to cheap web hosting and the quality of service they provide; there is no doubt that they score all A’s.

At the beginning I did not know where to start, but when I saw that they offer unlimited monthly data transfer, I did not know where to stop. I mean, to get cheap web hosting and free advice from one provider? That is just too good to be true. My business is going great, I am still developing, but I have learned so much thanks to VodaHost. Definitely one of the best web hosting services in my opinion.

Since VodaHost also offers unlimited domain names per account, I am thinking of opening another online shop. I have always liked fashion and clothing accessories; so if things go well with the first shop, I am pretty sure I am going to give it a try with this new one.

Of course, I would recommend VodaHost to anyone who wants to start their own small business. It is not so hard; you do not need a lot of money if you want to have your own website. If you are looking for cheap web hosting, I will always suggest that you stick with VodaHost. For a seller like me, it can come in handy to have various topics within your website. You can discuss the quality of products, you can review them etc. When I first bought my membership, I decided to have a look at the video tutorials, so that I get more familiar with the things they offer. I mean, I was just blown away by their cheap web hosting offer and what you can get if you pay just $7.95 a month. Customers can leave their comments and a lot of other things. VodaHost has given me this great opportunity, thank God I found out about them. For me, they are the best web hosting I could find.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it, there is a lot of risk whenever you are starting something from scratch. But it turned out this was a really good thing for me to do. I would always advise people to follow their dreams and to dream big.