web hosting can’t be any better than with VodaHost

I have been in the website building business for about five years and as such have tried many website building software and web hosting programs. I’ve had my ups and downs with each of them, and was therefore never fully satisfied. That was until one of my peers suggested I try VodaHost and their software. BlueVoda is an excellent website builder tool, that makes website building as easy as ABC, and VodaHost, its web hosting solution, is even better; they’ll host all your websites super-fast and make sure it’s up and running 24/7.

My experience with VodaHost has been excellent. It’s been more than two years now, since I started working with them, and our relationship has never had any black spots  and I hope it remains that way always. I have worked with other internet hosting programs before this, and they all have some sort of technical problem that arises sometime or the other. Usually it’s that the websites don’t load half the time. In my business I can’t afford to let that happen, since my customers pay me for the websites I create and host; I have to make sure they are always in perfect condition. VodaHost are very helpful to me in that way; I rarely have any uptime problems, just twice in all my two years of working with them but on both occasions I just had to send a support ticket to their tech support staff and they had the problem resolved.

While being very fast responsive and easy to contact, their support staff is one of the most professional and friendly I have encountered. Despite having to solve so many different problems of so many account holders hosting different websites, they always keep their cool when you e-mail them with a problem. On a more technical side, VodaHost also has a very complete control panel that helps me host very detailed and elaborate websites really easily.

Despite having hosted about a hundred websites over the years, because VodaHost let us host an unlimited number of websites with unlimited domain name registrations, I’ve only needed to have one account. This makes handling payments and the like very easy. Their fees too are really good (compared to the others in the business); very reasonable. And if you are willing to pay on an annual basis, VodaHost give you a further discount. Therefore their rates can be met even by amateurs who are just entering the field and have very limited capital.

Do you ever think internet hosting can get any better? No. These guys have everything a website builder could need in hosting his website. Their professionalism is what brings me more clients and keeps my existing clients coming back. Therefore I am totally indebted to VodaHost, since without them my business would have never bloomed so well and so fast.