VodaHost has been our right-hand-man

Roughly about two years back, three of my friends and I teamed up and started a small home based catering business. We specialize in taking orders for birthday cakes and other small-eats for small parties. When our business was up and running we realized that we would be a able to reach a wider customer base, if we launched a website for our business, and give our customers the opportunity of ordering online.

A team of 4 ladies, with practically zero knowledge of web hosting, and with very little cash to our names, which we couldn’t afford to spend on a professional website builder; we couldn’t figure out where to start. That was when a friend of mine suggested VodaHost and their software to us.

I tried BlueVoda which is available free on the internet, and with it creating a website was as easy as ABC and then when it came to the web hosting step, VodaHost sorted it for us to perfection at a very small cost. Our website was a pretty image oriented since we wanted to create a portfolio of the cakes etc that we had made before, to attract more customers but with VodaHost that was not a problem; instead they made it look very easy. I was able to have our website up and running on the internet really fast.

If you want a professional web hosting job done, I totally recommend VodaHost. Not only do VodaHost get it done very easy and fast, but they are also very reliable, with excellent uptime. For the 12 months I have worked with them, my website has had no downtime at all.

Also for total amateurs like us, VodaHost has been, more or less our right-hand-man in developing our business. The VodaHost customer support and tech support team is one you can definitely rely on if you have any problems with hosting your website. Whenever we had any problem, all we had to do was just send a support ticket and they had the answer to our query really fast.

VodaHost also have a really awesome control panel, with ample features that makes creating our website with all the add-ons and accessories really easy. With a very small monthly payment that reduces further if you pay it on an annual basis, VodaHost web hosting can be afforded by anyone, even if you are just starting your business and have very little money.