VodaHost web hosting works wonders for me

At the end of the day, every online businessman has one thing to worry about: will my web hosting company be responsible enough to take care of my site while I go to bed? If you feel good about your answer to this question, then lucky for you. You have found yourself a reliable web hosting company that rids you of this and similar other worries. Or if you’re even luckier, you’re one of VodaHost’s loyal clients—like me.

Three years ago I was just your average businessman struggling with my online career. I took my chances with three web hosting companies who promised to help me enhance my website and eventually win me more clients. Apparently, these web hosting companies were all doing fine only in the first few weeks. Until the website downtime became more and more often and I was practically losing some of my clients—and worse, my career. Their technical representatives and customer support staff were either too stupid to even know the cause of my website’s problems or they were always busy and left me auto-responder mails that they will get to me shortly. Such was my frustrating experience with these web hosting people that I had to figure out something to save my online business.

Lucky for me, I came across VodaHost among the many web hosting companies that were listed during my Google search. First, VodaHost and I started out on the right foot. The friendly and professional tech support and customer support staff were there every step of the way. There was never any question or problem that was not addressed in the most professional way by the VodaHost tech support team. This is a big plus for a web hosting company especially for clients like me who are not too tech-savvy and exploring the complicated world of web designing is as dreadful as learning calculus the first time.

And if that’s not enough, VodaHost guarantees 99.99 percent uptime for your site. The ever-changing and dynamic world of the Internet is one thing we cannot take for granted. A web hosting company that is up to par with that is definitely something one cannot afford to lose. VodaHost has never let me down with any downtime problem that if left unattended or unsolved would mean hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars down the drain.

I haven’t really tried it, but VodaHost also has the BlueVoda website builder that also works wonders. Imagine having to be able to put up your own site in a matter of minutes? All my beginner friends have availed of this amazing software from VodaHost, and I have so far not heard anything negative about it.

Now don’t forget that all these are for $7.95 a month only. Yes, you read that right. For $7.95 you get to enjoy all that VodaHost web hosting has to offer: unlimited space and domain names, a cPanel that’s easy to use, hundreds of features to take advantage of, unlimited monthly data transfer, and the incomparable support for all the latest in technology (ColdFusion, PHP, etc.).

So if you want to share my satisfaction of being able to go to sleep at night without having to worry about how my site is doing or whether my VodaHost web hosting buddies are doing their work, then you should know what you need to do by now.

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