VodaHost ranks number 1

The key to any successful web hosting is the reliability and the support system. This has what I have come to realize after being a Adsense fan and being at it for more than 5 years. As an Adsense enthusiast, you can realize that I have numerous websites that generate revenue for me. To keep track of so many websites and their performance is an uphill task and I cannot cope with it all through the day. After trying to get a hang of things and make decisions, I hardly have any time for troubleshooting. With a lot of web hosting companies, I had spent hours and hours trying to get my websites going and being up all the time.  The best part is that most of their support is very good before you become a customer, after which when there is trouble they take forever to respond.

Support is very crucial to my kind of business and I have suffered a lot due to opportunity losses as a result of downtime. However, things changed in 2006 when I usedVodaHost web hosting to create website . It was the simplest solution for my business and allowed me to have some more time on my hands resulting in more websites and more business. The VodaHost web hosting package came with a website builder, an FTP client and an automated uploading system, all for $7.99 with a free domain bundled in. I was practically spending nothing by opting for it. The first advantage was that I saved on costs that I paid for website development, although it took some of my time (one time), secondly, it had an FTP loader, so I did not have to renew my license of the FTP client and third, I did not have to spend on the domain.
For this money I got all I wanted and little more since almost all options that VodaHost web hosting offered were needed for me and I did not have to look at other options. I tried a couple of websites on this and then migrated to the VodaHost platform in about six months. In fact, I put all my eggs into the same basket. Bad business, one may think, but I was so convinced that I did not have to put off any fires until today. And, I do not think I will be fire fighting. With the money saved I invested in more Adsense web sites, got VodaHost web hosting for them and of course made more money. If anyone is listening, the key to any Adsense business is organization and simplicity. Using a single platform has given me that and I sleep better now.
VodaHost web hosting has given me almost unlimited bandwidth and I do not end up using it all. Furthermore, their support system is one thing that I would highly recommend. Although I never had to contact them for “Support”, the times I have asked them something, I got the right answers at the right time. Also, the support system has been highly professional and knowledgeable. VodaHost, in simple words, offers reliability, support and almost no downtime at a fraction of the cost what other web hosting companies charge. It is an excellent value for hard earned money.

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