VodaHost was designed for me and my forum

I am the owner of a tech-forum and while forums deal in text and seem to be easy to run, in fact managing a forum is a tough and time-consuming job. A forum-based website usually needs good and active moderators and a reliable web hosting company as its backbone. We can fairly easily hire professionals for forum moderation but I made mistakes in selecting a web hosting company. I took the selection of web hosting company very lightly in the beginning, giving more attention to the moderators and site content, which I paid for later in form of user complaints.

I was finally was forced to change my web hosting company due to the lack of any helpful support when faced with some of the complaints I’d received from my clients.

After discussing the matter with some of my tech-buddies I selected VodaHost. Being new to it I hoped that it would be better than the previous service I hadn’t received but with my friends, along with the review sites customers rating and comments, I felt reassured and I was pretty sure that it would be a step in the right direction. So I shifted the whole thing to VodaHost. The features of Voda Host includes pre-defined PhpBB, PHP support, unlimited SQL database and the availability of blog made me feel as if VodaHost was especially designed for me and my forum. Loads of tools to get the job done!

In the beginning I did loads of tweaking in the VodaHost control panel and found it pretty straightforward. I did a bunch of e-mailing to the support staff as well and got a swift and helpful reply within moments unlike my previous web host. Also, I visited the Support forum that is one-of-a-kind and contains almost all the information that one can ever think of about web hosting.

In the time I have been using the VodaHost web hosting it has proved itself to be a trustworthy and reliable. Signing up with them was a big help to my business.