VodaHost must be the top web host

After losing a good sum of money due to the tricks in the terms of services of my web hosting company, I was left with no choice but to look for another reliable and fair web host. Read the terms of service of VodaHost; they are simple and explicit, easy enough to understand and most of all, VodaHost do not trap you in any secret contract and allows you to cancel your web hosting account any time you want, should you need to, thus showing the quality of fairness.

VodaHost has been my web hosting partner for almost a year now and I’ve really got nothing bad to say about them. They seem to be “up” all the time, have unlimited storage capacity and very fast servers. These are, for me, the three most important parameters for measuring the quality of service offered by a web hosting company. Considering all the three factors, I think VodaHost must be one of the top web hosts as it provides all the three features and those too at a fairly low price.

For me, the support offered VodaHost has been extremely good too. The assistance and support that it has provided to me has been quick and helpful and almost always goes straight to the cause of the problem. I really can’t say anything bad about the e-mail support ticket system support of VodaHost except that it sometimes takes a few hours to get a reply. They have a pretty cool forum too if you want to have a snoop around for your own answers if you can’t stand the wait.

The fact that you are allowed more than one domain per account makes VodaHost a very cost effective service and has provided me an opportunity to save money ‘cause you don’t have to buy multiple hosting accounts. Think I should mention BlueVoda as well; BlueVoda is provided by VodaHost to help its customers with an easy-to-use website designer and html editor. Very cool.

I’ve now brought a friend of mine over to VodaHost and two more are waiting for their contracts to end before swapping over from their web hosting companies. VodaHost is simply great! Really professional.