When you need dependable web hosting, choose VodaHost

As a person running a small but successful internet business, I know the value of a cheap web hosting service that is also very reliable. I wasted a great deal of effort and time on what I thought was the best web hosting service but I was never satisfied with the performance offered. I got a lucky break when a friend of mine told me about a cheap web hosting service called VodaHost and I decided to give it a try. I am very pleased to say that my business has never looked better after I started using VodaHost.

I have managed to build my internet business from scratch by dint of hard work and need of adequate support in the form of a reliable and cheap web hosting company. My work had become considerably easy after I started using VodaHost to host my website; this is because I did not have to worry about website downtime. The guaranteed uptime is 99.9%. I used to lose a lot of money along with business opportunities which passed me by before I switched to VodaHost. The reason being is that the cheap web hosting services I was using at the time could not ensure that my site would be up and running at all times. This is why, for me, this company is considered to be one of the best web hosting services available.

I know the value of a good bargain and VodaHost is the best web hosting service I have found so far because it offers me unlimited disk space for a negligible amount every month. The package that I am using also offers me unlimited data transfer. VodaHost offers me the flexibility that I have been looking for all along, as well as allows me to build my dream website with their amazing platform while expanding and promoting my business. It is also very easy to use VodaHost because it is compatible with many formats. You can use PHP, MySQL, CGI, etc.

My experience with other web hosting companies has not been up to par; in that meaning, they charge extra for many of their offered features which should be essentially included in any web hosting account. It hardly makes sense to sign up for a supposedly cheap web hosting service that expects me to pay extra for other tools which should be included in standard web hosting accounts anyway.

VodaHost offers many SEO services such as social bookmarking, search engine submissions, forum back links, link baiting, RSS blasts, link wheel creations, and so much more to your wishing; however, these services are to promote you business beyond its hosting. This company offers a free control panel and 1 free domain name registration or transfer to people who sign up for its web hosting services. I’m really glad that I signed up with VodaHost because it is clearly the best web hosting service since it offers outstanding support and so many features to build your dream site for free.

This web hosting company even offers their own website builder known as BlueVoda. I have no doubt in VodaHost and what it has to offer as it has already played a major role in taking my business to its great heights. I have absolutely no hesitation in stating that this is the best web hosting company available and will certainly recommend to others to use it as well.