VodaHost offers a firm foundation for cheap web hosting

I did not intend to write about VodaHost when I signed up with them, but after being a proud customer with them. I needed to write about this amazing web hosting provider, VodaHost.

As a female soldier in the American army I can sometimes find life difficult. Regardless of what some might say, I am still trying to do my job in a man’s world! I had the idea to set up my own website and help like-minded sisters get through the Army and enjoy their experiences while in the service. This is why I wish to thank VodaHost for helping me aid others. We now have a support system that is designed for this specific purpose. Whilst I didn’t wish to be the figurehead of the project, I did end up, through my ability to set up my own website, being somewhat of a local celebrity. That’s what VodaHost helped me do – it puts you in total control – by allowing you the freedom to set up your own website with the assuring help from their support staff if you need it.

VodaHost has enabled me to create my own website online and put out messages that I need to broadcast in order to help save people’s careers. Due to red tape and some legal complications I had to set this website up myself and therefore needed to take costs into consideration. I was not only looking for the best web hosting service but I needed to find a really cheap one. Where can one find a really cheap web hosting site though? This was a new project for me and I saw many advertisements claiming that they were a really cheap web hosting provider. Alas, I couldn’t afford 50 dollars a month! When I came across VodaHost, they were asking for only US$7.95 a month. Now that is what I call cheap web hosting. But did a cheap web hosting site also mean the best web hosting? You have heard the adage, “You get what you pay for,” so I looked into it deeper. Was it the best web hosting site on the internet?

VodaHost certainly had all the recommendations and awards but best of all, they had a service which I could cancel at any time. I couldn’t really go wrong. How right I was, not only is VodaHost cheap but it really is one of the best web hosting sites on the web.

What makes VodaHost the best choice for good cheap web hosting? The main reason is the ease at which they allow you to gain control; They help you to learn everything from building a web site to publishing it. When I was trying to set up this website I didn’t know about domain names or costs. You hear a lot of people talk about monthly charges and website maintenance. Then you get scared and wonder how easy this whole thing is. I will be honest, before joining, I nearly threw in the towel after hearing from people how difficult it was to do. I wanted to help others but I needed to help myself to do it and I have VodaHost to thank for that. For me, not only is it the best web hosting site on the net, it is really one of the only worthy web hosting sites on the internet.