This web hosting service is much more than meets the eye

First of all, I could not wait to write my testimonial on VodaHost! Not every web hosting service has so many great features. Well, here is my story and how I got to VodaHost, literally the best web hosting service ever!

I am a professional translator and I have done a lot of projects throughout the years. Lately, however, I have been having problems in scoring any major projects. I decided to try my luck online. It is pretty hard to learn new things at the age of 55. It was a really painful but rewarding experience, as I like to recall. I learned so much in such a short time. I started signing up for various sites which offer translation jobs. I got a lot of interesting job offers, but most of them were very poorly paid. I could barely survive being paid $2.00 per 300 word articles. I wanted to get bigger earnings. I was feeling I could do more for myself and start fresh online. After about 6 months of doing various translations online, I started to understand how everything worked. I decided to start developing my own translating business by creating my own website. It was obvious that if I created my own website to promote and sell my business I would be on the right track. Being interested in cheap web hosting was one thing I needed since I did not have a big budget to pursue my ideas with. It was then that my daughter overheard my struggles and recommended to me VodaHost. She said that VodaHost is known for being cheap hosting as well as one of the best web hosting companies available. I was very skeptical in the beginning, but after paying for my first month, I couldn’t agree more that VodaHost is truly the cheap web hosting service I was looking for. Not only do they offer the best web hosting but along with your sign up you get excellent customer service too!

I cannot thank VodaHost enough for giving me this opportunity. I would have never succeeded without them. I was indeed looking for the best web hosting company and I certainly found it. Considered a cheap web hosting service, VodaHost, by far meets its expectations. What really sticks out is their customer service. Another brilliant pro with VodaHost is that they offer unlimited domain names and emails, you name it. Now that my business has expanded so much it makes total sense. I also loved the fact that I could put forums and blogs on my page, making it super interesting for my clients. They could see my abilities better this way. VodaHost is certainly a service you want to get and what is even better they offer cheap web hosting.

Apart from all that I have mentioned, the cheap web hosting is what actually first caught my eye. I do not think that I could have been a happier and more satisfied customer with another web hosting company.

Thank you, VodaHost for being the best web hosting service I could wish for and for giving this old guy another shot in life and saving him a lot of money!