Perfect hosting services with VodaHost

Web hosting services seem to come in two varieties- cheap web hosting service, which generally doesn’t offer much besides a place to put your homepage; or the best web hosting services, where you tend to get what you pay for. Fortunately, with VodaHost, there no longer has to be a compromise between cheap and good.

Cheap web hosting providers often try to cut costs by skimping on the space they provide. However, for only $7.95 per month, VodaHost users get unlimited disk space provided by Dell PowerEdge servers, and even unlimited data transfer every month. Considering that VodaHost also has virtually no downtime, this means that your website will be available, twenty-four-seven, for anyone to find. This is especially crucial for business owners, since the more time a website spends being down, the more clients aren’t going to get to see it, and the more likely it is they’re going to end up looking at a competitor’s website instead. Owners of personal websites or blogs, however, will also be happy about not having to worry about running out of bandwidth, making VodaHost the best web hosting provider for both small personal sites, and large, web-based business pages. Since VodaHost is also a relatively cheap web hosting provider, they really help you keep your overhead to a minimum, while providing you with service and support that’s absolutely great.

The best web hosting services for businesses are those that help minimize your dependence on third-party services to provide you with things like virtual shopping cart utilities and secure purchasing connections. So, business owners will also really like VodaHost support for multiple shopping carts and merchant accounts, while their unlimited databases make it even easier to keep your business up, running, and organized, all at no extra cost. Even if you’re not sure how to implement all of these features into your website, VodaHost award-winning BlueVoda Website Builder, lightning-fast customer support, and active forum community make it easy to learn, even with no prior experience.

It’s also no secret that one of the biggest tricks to driving traffic to your site is having a unique and easy-to-remember URL that‘s relevant to your content. While some cheap web hosting providers require you to register your own address through a third party (often at an additional cost), VodaHost offers domain name registration and domain transfers, all included in their low monthly fee, making them the best web hosting provider for webmasters that either want to keep their operating costs low, or are unfamiliar with the sometimes complicated and time-consuming process of starting up their own website.

So, for anyone looking for cheap web hosting that doesn’t skimp on features and still manages to offer a generous amount of space, VodaHost might just be the best web hosting provider you’ll ever find. Particularly for small business owners who do a lot of business through the internet, VodaHost has loads of great support features, as well as services designed to just make things easier.