I am a satisfied customer with VodaHost

My first experience of VodaHost was one year ago and since then I feel they have the right to call themselves not only the best web hosting company but also a cheap web hosting service. I now have six sites hosted with VodaHost and would not swop to any other company no matter how cheap their services were.

The amazing aspect about VodaHost and one of the reasons why they are in my eyes the best web hosting company is because they do everything from one account. There is no need to remember different usernames and passwords. I set up an account and registered my domain name at the same time. To connect my account to the domain name was all done in the backend without me even realizing it.

I was then able to upload WordPress and build my sites from within the VodaHost account. No need to mess around with FTP managers and file managers. VodaHost can call itself the best web hosting company as they enable even the most novices of internet users to be live within minutes.

VodaHost has also earned itself the title as best web hosting provider because of their promise of 99.8% uptime and they stick to it. I really hate it when my sites are down as it could mean a loss of sales for me and it is not true when other cheap web hosting companies say that to receive near perfect uptime, you have to pay extra for it.

I also like the fact that VodaHost has enabled me to set up email domains for each of my websites. When you are doing business from a Gmail or Hotmail account, not only does it look unprofessional but this also means that your cheap web hosting provider cannot be bothered to keep up with technology.

If you sign up to a VodaHost account and at any time, experience problems. Simply log onto the support tutorials, forums and put a ticket into their customer service departments. Hard to believe isn’t it?  That a cheap web hosting provider would have a customer service department but not only do they exist but they also get back to you within double quick time. If you have a problem that is affecting your online presence, it is important that the customer service teams helps straight away.

I am quite confident that there is not one person who would not find the wide range of services that VodaHost offer appealing. If I want to add a forum to my site, then it is done. If I want to use CMS software then it can be done.

VodaHost has gone out of its way to keep up to date with the internet world and prove itself a major provider and leader. The fact that they can keep their prices down at the same time means that to me, they have every right to call themselves a cheap web hosting provider and as well as the best web hosting company.