You cannot go wrong with VodaHost!

VodaHost is the best web hosting company for any online affiliate marketer. I have a total of ten websites that need a guaranteed uptime of pretty much 100%; any less and I lose money! There are so many web hosting companies out there… I have found from experience that a lot of them aren’t fast and cannot (or will not!) deliver on their promises. Their up-time is generally low, unreliable and their customer support department isn’t fast in responding or their responses don’t actually help. Web hosting companies that actually do their job properly, like VodaHost, get it sorted out!

Along with up time, a fast, responsive customer support department is one of my top requirements when I choose a web hosting company. For obvious reasons the more time I have to spend sorting out any issues with my web sites means less time promoting them and less money to make. I have now joined VodaHost, though, a web hosting company that helps me earn my bread and butter. I’m quite clued up when it comes to web hosting but I need a tech-support team that will answer my queries quickly and in a professional way. I have found that the customer support department with VodaHost does. VodaHost cater for and are very responsive to my needs.

It was real easy to move all my domains over to VodaHost web hosting and the latest cPanel to manage my sites is fast to upload and is updated. Moving my web hosting over to VodaHost was a blessing in disguise as I also took advantage of their free tools section to update my websites. I used the VodaHost keyword tool, their OS commerce templates and a couple of their logos and icons. It was well worth the effort as the bounce rate for most of  my sites has now decreased dramatically and the landing pages of my sites now have a very fast upload speed.

If you use the world-wide web to make money then you need a fast, professional and reliable web hosting company. You cannot go wrong with VodaHost and I will definitely be leaving all my sites confidently in their hands.