Web hosting newcomers should pick VodaHost

I’m a young entrepreneur and my passion for shopping has led me to open up a clothes store online. I did a lot of research for a web hosting company before I began but I was a little unhappy with their customer services. For my first site, I chose a very expensive web hosting company and paid an extortionate price for a web designer to build and design my site. During a clothes retailer convention I bumped into someone who said they had no previous knowledge of web design but managed to build their own e-commerce site using Soholaunch. I received her contact details and information about her web hosting company and after some research VodaHost, her web hosting company, sounded perfect to all my needs!

The VodaHost customer support team were very helpful in setting up my web hosting account and guided me through it step by step. VodaHost customer support were friendly and professional and were responsive to my every little requirement even if sometimes they were very basic web hosting questions. VodaHost explained to me about the unlimited domains and free transfers which were perfect for me to migrate my other businesses over. The technical support staff actually assisted me in the migration process and offered me advice on all the unique VodaHost features. VodaHost truly is second to none. For the services offered both by staff and products I imagined I’d need to pay through the roof but I found VodaHost prices were some of the lowest when compared to other web hosting companies.

VodaHost also offers an extensive help section that isn’t just your usual knowledge base but also includes a very active forum where you can talk to real people or search for problems similar to yours. As I’m fairly new to web designing I encountered loads of little HTML and CSS problems, I loved the little “How to” articles on the forums and the quick help I’d receive either from the great community members or the very friendly technical staff. Truly VodaHost is a web hosting company that is perfect for the people who are new to web hosting like myself!