VodaHost web hosting always remember to look after the little guy

I was recently made redundant and made the decision to return to my old profession as a freelance writer. I soon learned that times had changed and I was losing out on a lot of jobs as I did not have any kind of online presence. I went off searching for the ideal web hosting company but at the same time was worried because I did not have enough money to pay someone to build a website for me. I was also on a budget so was looking for a cheap web hosting company. I was willing, though, to accept slightly lower quality if it meant I could get the job done.

I then came across a web hosting company called VodaHost. Immediately I was drawn to the fact that they had their own easy to use website builder and all reviews I read about VodaHost spoke highly of them. Their prices were good so I decided that VodaHost would get my business.

I signed up with a VodaHost monthly billing account and set about trying to find my way around. My web hosting cPanel was easy to use and if I was unsure about how to use a specific feature then I just referred to the VodaHost online tutorials. I also got a bunch of information (useful hints and tips) from the VodaHost forum where other users (experts and novices like myself alike) were finding their way around this business of web hosting.

I hit a stumbling block almost straight away and in desperation sent a support ticket to the VodaHost customer support team. I was very impressed as within 24 hours they got back to me with exactly what I had done wrong on my web hosting account and how I could correct it once and for all.

Thanks to VodaHost I now have an online profile which I can show when bidding and competing against other freelancers. I really like the fact that my cPanel gives me total control over my web hosting account. I do not have to use a webmaster and someone to keep my site up to date, so in fact VodaHost has saved me a lot of money due to the features and benefits that this web hosting company brings.

I would strongly recommend that anyone who needs a web hosting company to take up a VodaHost account. When it comes down to it they still remember to look after the small businesses and for me, their company is the best web hosting company on the internet.