VodaHost: Truly a Helpful Online Business Partner

It was not until recently that my husband and I decided to go online with our garments business. Although we have been into the textile industry for the past five years now, we thought going online is surely a different thing. We had so many apprehensions regarding this decision, but it was through our friends’ prodding that we decided to push through with it. And now, I can say thank you to these friends of ours and to a great partner: VodaHost web hosting.

We might not be newcomers in our business, but going online? Wow! We did not even know where and how to start. And then we finally settled to get help from a web hosting company that have unanimously been chosen by the two of us by browsing through the internet. The web hosting company, which I am not going to mention anymore, has been helpful to the business but only for the first few months. And then later on, we realized that it was not working after all. Yes, this web hosting company gave great and attracting web design, layout, and the site in general, but the content and the features were not what we expected them to be. It was not as reliable and professional as what it promised it to be. Truly a disaster! And my husband and I could not even blame one another because the choice came from the two of us.

Having failed with our first try on web hosting did not put us down. Both of us made a pact to stay close together in making our online business work. And our failure was a blessing in disguise because it made us look for other web hosting companies, and that was when we came across VodaHost. VodaHost came into the picture at the very appropriate time. The funny story behind it was that we learned of VodaHost at different instances and when we sat down to discuss about having another web hosting company, we were both excited to share VodaHost to each other not knowing that we were both talking about the same company! The moment we got the chance to deal with the friendly staff of VodaHost, we knew in our hearts we were finally on the right track.

VodaHost has a lot of features, all to the advantage of whatever type of business you are into and whether you’re new to the complicated world of the online community or not. I say VodaHost is the web hosting company that is giving all the tech support an online business like ours needs. At a very minimal fee of $7.95 per month, all I can say is, GRAB IT! No other web hosting company can give as much benefit like VodaHost, on top of which is their famous 99.99% average uptime. So I am totally recommending VodaHost web hosting to everyone who needs one because I want to share a truly responsive business partner especially for newbies like my hubby and me.

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