My VodaHost Review

Dear All, I wanted to share my story of my web hosting experiences. I am a professional occupational therapist and I needed a small web site to showcase my counseling services. It was to contain my pictures and some therapy articles and a blog which would allow me to write articles from time to time. This would be a good way to gain more clients for my services.

I created the web pages for my web site using my techie friend (who works for a software company). Now the search for a good web hosting company to host my web site was on. I sifted through many available hosting providers and compared their features and rates. I stumbled upon VodaHost web hosting company and I found that they have a great deal that suited my needs perfectly. I got a free domain registration with my yearly hosting plan.

I must say that the VodaHost web hosting technical support staff is very friendly and helpful and they read through your support requests patiently and make sure they are responded thoroughly. I am one of the many satisfied users of VodaHost. I think they are a very good web host for people like me. I have recommended them to my friends and peer group too. It’s amazing how many people have web sites and need a good web hosting company these days!

I have told about VodaHost to my husband too and he too is excited about the prospect of sharing his foreign bank notes collection through the web. His website too, we have decided, will be hosted with VodaHost. VodaHost is much better than all the other web hosting companies out there. Their prices are reasonable and support is good and I cannot simply ask for anything more out of the deal.

For anybody looking to get their website hosted, I highly recommend that you take a look at VodaHost and their hosting plans. There are many small-time web host operators out there, so I suggest that you pick up VodaHost which has an impeccable track record and considerable experience hosting thousands of websites for many years now.

Mia Rajaa

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