My business thrives because of VodaHost web hosting

After many years of wanting to start my own small business, I finally took the plunge! I was so excited when the products began arriving and when I hired two staff members to help run the shop. I consider myself an expert in my line of work and my passion is unequaled but I also recognized the need for online advertising if my business was to be successful. Online advertising may as well be Greek to me because I am technologically challenged! I began the worrisome process of shopping for a web hosting company.  A friend recommended VodaHost to me and I could not be more grateful!

Today, I am happy to say that I have had many orders from my website and if it were not for the friendly help I received through the VodaHost technical support page, I’m not sure I would have made it!  To me, web hosting was once a nightmare; it was representative of all the high-tech things that I was clueless about.  If you are like me, and dread the thought of shopping for a web hosting supplier, then stop at VodaHost because help has arrived.

Not only do VodaHost offer many services which can make web hosting easy for anyone, there are no hidden fees. When I had initially begun my web hosting search, I kept stumbling over domain surcharges and hidden fees and I was losing faith.  It is such a relief to have web hosting made easy and reliable!  My business is taking off and I am in the process of considering starting a second business.

I recommend VodaHost to my friends who are searching for web hosting. I will remain grateful to the customer support provided by VodaHost which has truly made online advertising simplified and easy to achieve.  I have found that through VodaHost web hosting, the support is professional and things are explained to me in a user-friendly way.  That is such a relief to someone like me!  Some of us are born with the gift of being technically savvy; and others, like me, appreciate the courtesy extended by a reliable web hosting company that will walk you through the process.

VodaHost, along with its software BlueVoda, have helped in turning my dream of small business success into a reality!  Web hosting does not have to be a wall you cannot scale.  High standards and great customer service are available and today and my business thrives because of them!