I haven’t got a single complaint about VodaHost

While running a blog relating to international politics I used to come across the problems of “Server down, Please Try later” from my web host and this was really annoying for me, especially when some big event was going down and my web host starts giving me such errors. Sick of these problems I tried to contact the support center of my web host, and I got negative replies, which is why I made up my mind to change my web hosting company.

Looking for a web hosting company that could provide me a full time active web hosting service, I searched and finally after checking the reviews and ratings I stopped at VodaHost. Leaving the previous web hosting company I brought my site to VodaHost some 4 months backs and up until now I haven’t got a single complaint from VodaHost specifically related to the hosts servers being down from my old web hosting company. VodaHost is giving me a 100 percent uptime along with a high site loading speed. I got many positive comments from my visitors regarding site’s good performance after turning to VodaHost. With a 24×7 uptime it’s a perfect choice for any site owner to use VodaHost as their web hosting company.

After getting good vibes from VodaHost, I decided to bring my personnel site to VodaHost too, to avoid the service cut off before the previous billing cycle completed (I’ve already had my site blocked twice due to the weak support and billing service of my previous web hosting company). After selecting VodaHost as my web host, I am now quiet relaxed and I don’t have to worry about any billing errors or the before-their-time shut down of my site anymore.

I am not that much of an expert in working on the Control Panels of web hosts yet I found the VodaHost control panel to be really user friendly and easy to use The additional features of VodaHost helped me a lot too, specially the pre-installed forum has helped me a lot in adding a forum to my blog to keep my blog viewers expressing their ideas regarding the most recent posts. Being a reliable and professional web hosting company, VodaHost also provided me with the features which FrontPage and DreamWeaver support, its really quite easy for me to make changes in my site manually.

Thanks, Voda host! 🙂