I cannot imagine life without VodaHost web hosting

VodaHost has helped me to stay in the game when it comes to being a business owner. Without VodaHost I feel I would now just about be on the verge of selling my business however this company has helped me to get it back on track. If someone had said to me one year ago that I would have so much faith in a web hosting company I do not think I would have believed them.

I have been in the hotel business for 17 years and in that time everything has changed. These days the competition is a lot greater and prices have dropped. When my business was really suffering, a friend suggested that I needed an online presence. She explained to me the details about getting online, finding a web hosting company and many of the different options that were available to me.

The more I thought about it, the more I felt she was right however I wanted to use a web hosting company that allowed me total control but good support when I needed it. My friend suggested that I make a WordPress site. I didn’t even know where to start looking for such a company so my friend signed me up to VodaHost and then installed WordPress for me. I was so excited as I had a web hosting company at an affordable price and a new website to get used to and look after.

Fast-forward six months and I am really surprised at how smoothly my web hosting account has run. I think I must have found the best web hosting company ever as my website is up and running with over 500 unique visitors a day. The uptime is reported at over 99% and I can control everything from either my cPanel on the VodaHost account, or my WordPress control panel. When it comes to using such a company, even though VodaHost is my first, I would not consider changing as they have given me everything I need.

Part of the reason that I felt so relaxed about my VodaHost experience, is that I noticed VodaHost had their own online forum and I could see that many more people were just as naïve when it came to web hosting and having an online presence as I was. I managed to pick up lots of hints and tips about web hosting from the posts of other members.

The only stumbling block that I really hit was that I wanted an email address connecting to my website. Straight away the online VodaHost help tutorials gave me the answer in step by step instructions. That took a total of just five minutes to set-up.

I cannot imagine life without a web hosting company now, it is essential for me and any business owner and I would strongly recommend VodaHost if you are in a similar situation that I was in. If you have a business and are not using a web hosting company then sign yourself up with VodaHost. You won’t be sorry; you will see the results in your business.