Host your site with VodaHost and you won’t be dissappointed

About three months ago I changed my web hosting provider to the VodaHost web hosting company.  I had been having countless problems with my previous web hosting provider, including problems with my email accounts, limited uptime, and worst of all none or very little correspondence to my repeated questions and queries about the problems I was having.  I decided enough was enough and promptly changed my web hosting to VodaHost; a web hosting company a friend had recommended to me a few weeks earlier.
I found the VodaHost web hosting package to be like a breath of fresh air; especially after all my previous troubles with my previous web hosting provider!  VodaHost provided lots of information within the package such as video tutorials, written tutorials, and a help forum.  VodaHost also offers a great customer support ticket system and any questions I have are answered quickly, with accurate and good advice.
VodaHost also allows the user to have unlimited email addresses with the package, which I was pleased with – but more importantly to me my email addresses worked and I had no problem getting into my email accounts!
The VodaHost web building tools called BlueVoda has helped me build a stunning website! My website looks really fresh and modern and is much more user friendly then it was before – which is really down to VodaHost web hosting and the applications they provide to enable their customers to design good web pages!
As I mentioned I had huge problems with uptime with my previous web host provider, I can not count how many times my website showed up as being unavailable – which was very annoying and frustrating for me, and I would say lost me lots of business.  I have not once had this problem with the VodaHost web hosting package – and it shows because my business sales have increased by 20% and my web traffic by 40%, which will hopefully ensure the continued growth and stability of my business.
I don’t really have any complaints about VodaHost web hosting. Their current customer support features work just fine – its something I feel could make the VodaHost web hosting package go from brilliant to outstanding!
I have saved lots of money, not just on the cost of my web hosting needs – the VodaHost package offers great value for money; but also because my website sales have increased so much!  To me my website is a platform to increase business sells, I don’t want to worry about uptime and email accounts which takes me away from the whole point of having the website which is of course to make money!  The VodaHost package allows me to do this and so once again saves me time and money, because I have more time to concentrate on my main aim – to make my business a success and increase the financial turnover.
I will continue to use VodaHost web hosting, and I recommend them to anyone who truly wants to make their business a success!

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