All credit to the VodaHost web hosting company

I have immense regard for VodaHost web hosting company and over time they have helped me achieve the status of a somewhat well-known fashion designer. When I was studying fashion designing, I was the most talented of the lot (you’ll excuse my own pride but in my opinion I was). My friends used to say that I would be one of the best fashion designers this country has ever seen.  Unfortunately as it turned out, I failed to get a job and for long periods sat at home without any work. I felt pretty miserable to be rejected after being so talented and skilled in the profession I wished to be a part of. My net-savvy friends suggested that I should put my designs online on a website but it simply wasn’t that easy. Website designers are very costly and I was told that I must get a web hosting account first, to facilitate getting my website up live on the Internet. After much searching together we zeroed in on the VodaHost web hosting company and I was stunned to see a web hosting company with so many features.

The VodaHost web hosting company provides unlimited domain name hosting, domain registration and domain name transfers. I could choose whatever domain name I wanted and VodaHost would register it for my website absolutely free for one term. Another thing I liked about this web hosting company is the provision of unlimited websites for every domain name. VodaHost provides unlimited disk space and data transfer. After a little thought I ordered an account with the VodaHost web hosting company. I couldn’t afford to ignore such a good deal; I was a business woman after all!

As well as these great features, VodaHost provides a free website maker called BlueVoda so there was no need for me to worry about getting a website designed for myself. With just a little bit of imagination and work with BlueVoda, I managed to create my own website and exhibited all my designs for sale. It was such a wonderful experience to see my hard work on display. The VodaHost web hosting company provides unlimited email accounts, shopping carts and merchant accounts. This gave me the possibility to attract unlimited customers and within a month, my creations had caught the fancy of ladies all around the world. I started getting a few orders each day. My happiness knew no bounds. The fantastic features of the VodaHost web hosting company, which has helped me scale new heights, were available to me at such a very reasonable price. It was really a great feeling!

My range of designs, which I called my Fusion range, was widely appreciated and demand was slowly growing for my new new menswear range. It just got better and better.

In case of any problems with my website, the customer support and tech support were available 24×7 to help me. They were very polite and friendly in their approach too and now I am beginning to think about opening my own fashion house. The credit simply goes to the VodaHost web hosting company for it has protected my pride and greatly restored my self-confidence. What more can I say, I can now work and make money with utter satisfaction!