VodaHost Sub Affiliates – Get the word out!

Here are the best people to promote the affiliate VodaHost program to:

*Owners/editors of newsletters: You can contact owners and editors of successful newsletters and persuade them to include an article you’ve written, or run a small classified ad promoting the VodaHost Affiliate Program. Position your offer to the owner/editor as a great chance to give their subscribers an invaluable business opportunity.

Your newsletter subscribers: If you have an online newsletter that goes out to web site owners or people interested in earning income online, it’s a perfect way to recruit sub-affiliates with relatively little effort on your part.
If you don’t have a newsletter, but have a friend who writes one, ask them if you can plug the VodaHost Affiliate Program in the next edition of their newsletter.

Your opt-in e-mail list: If you have an opt-in e-mail list, e-mailing them a personal letter of VodaHost recommendation is another easy way to recruit VodaHost sub-affiliates.

Forums, newsgroups, and e-mail discussion lists: Talk about the VodaHost Affiliate Program in appropriate forums, newsgroups, and e-mail discussion lists. Tell people about your personal experience with VodaHost, and why you recommend us, and then tell them that they can sign up too by clicking on your VodaHost affiliate link.

Keep it short, sweet, and informative. You don’t need to hype the program, because people won’t believe you. Just be honest, and let people know it’s a good opportunity that you think they could benefit from, too. Tell them about the BlueVoda website builder.

People who receive your autoresponders: If you currently have an autoresponder that gets sent to your clients for whatever reason, you could add a little blurb about how you have earned some healthy referral fees from VodaHost. You could then tell them how to get an article from you that shows exactly how you did it so they can copy you.

People who own web sites with related content: We have a few affiliates who spend time surfing the Internet and manually finding big web sites that are related to business or have business owners visiting them to present the VodaHost Affiliate Program to. Usually they send an e-mail and then follow up with a phone call (if it’s a high-traffic web site, the e-mail often goes unanswered). Even if the phone number is not listed on the site, it’s easy to go to http://www.whois.sc and look up the phone number of the owner to contact directly. This technique can be very powerful. If you get just a couple of big sites to join the VodaHost program, you earn generous sub-affiliate commissions from their high sales volumes.

How to follow up with your sub-affiliate leads

Following up is the most important part of your strategy — so always go after the same audience at least twice! Many times, some of your audience will miss the information the first time around (they could be too busy, or it’s just not the right time, etc.). It’s been our experience that our response doubles with the second notice. In other words, if you got 100 people to join the first time, 100 more will join when you do a follow-up.

Here are the best ways to follow up…

In your newsletter: If you sent out a special newsletter edition with all the details of the VodaHost web hosting Affiliate Program, mention it predominantly –not in the next issue, but the issue after that. Then mention it as a little caption or classified ad in every regular issue after that. This will drastically increase your response. It could be as simple as saying, “To learn how I made $1,075 in a few days with a Free Affiliate Program, go to [your affiliate link].”

In an e-mail discussion list: Be careful how you follow up here, as it may seem like advertising and you can get in a little hot water. You want to wait for 2-3 weeks and then post a short message to remind people about it — but nothing too blatant or forward, as you don’t want it to come across as advertising. The perfect opportunity would be to mention the VodaHost Affiliate Program while answering someone else’s question, then include your link.

In forums and newsgroups: You can get away with re-posting messages (or posting them in a different form) in appropriate business newsgroups once in a while, but be careful in forums. As mentioned above, you don’t want to come across as advertising, so it’s best to have the “follow up” mention the VodaHost web hosting Affiliate Program by somehow tying it into answering a forum posting. With customer lists or lead lists: Find a way to incorporate a small note about it in a future e-mail to your customer base or lead list, reminding them of the opportunity and where to go to get more information on it.