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How to Recruit VodaHost Sub-Affiliates

How to Recruit an Army of VodaHost Sub-Affiliates

With the VodaHost Sub-Affiliate Program, you now have the opportunity to recommend the VodaHost Affiliate Program to your web site visitors, your customers, and your list of opt-in e-mail subscribers in order to recruit an army of sub-affiliates. For each sale that one of your sub-affiliates make, will earn an additional 15% commission based on their earnings. So for every $100 they earn, you will make an extra $15 for doing nothing.

How the VodaHost  sub-affiliate program works

The concept of VodaHost sub-affiliates is pretty straightforward. Simply put, if you encourage someone to become an affiliate, you earn a percentage of each sale they make — AND continue to earn your own commissions.

For example:

Let’s say that you decide to recommend the VodaHost Affiliate Program to a few of your customers and subscribers because you’ve been really pleased with the commissions you’ve been earning as an VodaHost affiliate, and you think they could really benefit from this kind of easy income as well.

You send your customers an e-mail recommending the program, and at the end of it, you tell them that they can sign up immediately by simply clicking on a link.

That’s it! You don’t have to do another thing to start earning even more income. We e-mail all of your sub-affiliates, just like we e-mailed you when you signed up as a new affiliate, and we show them how to promote VodaHost affiliate products to earn the same great commissions you’ve been earning.

If you do a really good job of telling your sub-affiliates about the benefits of belonging to this program, many of them will begin following our promotion instructions right away — and within a few days, many of your sub-affiliates start making sales!

How do you earn money by recruiting sub-affiliates???

Every time one of your VodaHost sub-affiliates makes a VodaHost web hosting sale, you will earn 15% of based on his/ her commissions. SIMPLE!

It works the same way for all of the affiliate products! Once you’ve recruited sub-affiliates, tell them about the BlueVoda website builder , you earn easy extra income from every sale that they make. It’s simple, and it can be extremely profitable.

How you can recruit sub-affiliates

The most effective way to recruit an army of VodaHost sub-affiliates is through an informative e-mail or article that clearly explains the benefits of being a VodaHost affiliate — including your own personal recommendation explaining how you have personally profited.

We’ve also created some banners that you can place on your web site to promote the program. Remember, many people have never heard of an affiliate program before and may have no idea what you’re talking about until you explain it in “layman’s terms” and show them the benefits. Simply mention that you’ve “found a company that will pay very generous referral fees for placing their banner on your site.”

If you just tell visitors to go to the site and check it out without explaining the benefits of being an affiliate, they’ll have no reason to make the effort and click on the link. You have to show them that the program is free to join and will earn them substantial revenue without a lot of work on their part. They get paid for posting a link to us. It’s as simple as that!

Who make the best VodaHost sub-affiliates?

The people who are going to be interested in signing up for the VodaHost Affiliate Program are web site owners. These are the people you want to be targeting VodaHost too.

There are a few different ways you can reach this audience, and the strategies you choose will depend largely on the resources you have at your disposal.