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Premium Quality Features with VodaHost

There are plenty of web hosting services available these days. Selecting the best one for your particular needs seems to get harder and harder all the time because there is simply too many choices. Whether your website is for commercial purposes or for personal use it takes ages to go through all the different providers. It is better to go for a medium packaged service that offers all basic requirements of a host and is affordable as well. VodaHost is one such cheap web hosting service available online. The premium quality features offered with great customer support at affordable prices makes VodaHost the best web hosting service out there.

VodaHost offers its clients the following highlighted features:

  1. One free domain name registration or one free transfer is offered upon the purchase of an Annual web hosting account with VodaHost making it   a cheap web hosting service compared to other providers.
  2. Dell Power Edge servers are used by this best web hosting provider to offer unlimited disk space and unlimited monthly data transfer.
  3. The availability of unlimited domain names and web sites per account, unlimited matching email accounts, merchant accounts, multiple shopping carts, affiliate programs’ software, blogs, forums, e-book, and unlimited databases.
  4. This best web hosting provider makes all these unending features available at a reasonable price of $7.95 per month which makes VodaHost a cheap web hosting service available online.

The ‘best web hosting solution’, such a title can be awarded to VodaHost mainly because of its powerful web builder –BlueVoda. BlueVoda is a website maker that comes in a handy package. Yes, it comes with an installation kit that is not more than 4.3MB and is even free to use. As a cheap web hosting service, BlueVoda is welcomed by many SME’s and individual web owners.  VodaHost’s BlueVoda helps you build a website especially if you are unfamiliar with the basic technical knowledge such as Active X control, Image Map, Flash, Navigation bar etc. The user friendly interface that comes with this website maker allows the user to build a website with very little information. The video tutorial links provided by BlueVoda are easy and straight forward to follow making the process a breeze.

The following is a quick glance of what BlueVoda offers to its clients:

  1. An efficient web maker with high end user interface with customizable options.
  2. Easy to use website builder.
  3. One of the smallest available website builder packages online.
  4. Free to download and install.
  5. Hosting account provided at reasonable prices on completion of website.

VodaHost’s online community forum is yet another advantage over other web hosting services. Users can communicate with similar clients or customers for reviews and assistance. If you are in search of a cheap web hosting service with promising features and sustainability, VodaHost is a highly recommended option. Try checking out the explanatory video tutorials of this best web hosting service before leaping in to a decision. VodaHost will not only help you set up your website but will help your online business thrive.